Monday, December 29, 2008

Fort Johnson

The girls have been outside a few times since the snow started falling, but Levi, Jett and I have yet to venture out--until today. The snow has been pretty dry and hard to pack, but today Levi came in with a huge snowball that he had created while taking the garbage out--which he proceeded to throw at me, inside the house--and we decided that the snow was finally ready to make a snowman with. I'm sure the fresh snow we got this morning helped.
We proceeded to bundle everyone up--I felt bad because poor Jayd doesn't have snow pants, but we made do.
Once outside the girls and Levi immediately went to work on the snowman. Jett decided he wasn't to fond of the cold wind on his face, so he and I turned around and went back outside and watched from the window. Unfortunately, the snow wasn't rolling well enough for the snowman and Levi and the girls abandoned the snowman and Levi sent Jayd inside for a bucket. They then started making a snow fort (igloo as Levi likes to call it).
Jett wasn't fond of being inside while the girls were outside, so they got a wall up to block the wind and Jett and I ventured out once again. The fort isn't quite done, but it was getting darker and Levi needed to get ready for work. So we'll finish it later.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Finale--

Well it's over. Today we had our last Christmas celebration--this time with Levi's parents. Gayle and Bob came up this afternoon after Levi got up (he had to work again last night). We had T-bone steaks and of course more presents.
Levi got the Perfect Pushup system and what do you know, he got Bob the same thing.
Overall, we had a good holiday season. Now it's time to relax and enjoy the rest of the break before Kaidyn and I go back to school on January 5th.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Don't get me wrong--I love Christmas. What I don't love is all the driving that goes along with it. We already drove to Spokane last weekend to have a Christmas celebration with one part of my family. Today we will make another trip to Pasco and then Eltopia to see more family.
But first our own little Christmas celebration with just us.
Levi had to work last night so the girls had to wait until at least 6:15 before they could open anything. Kaidyn was up at like 5:30 and of course woke up Brother and Sister since it was finally Christmas morning. So I got up and baked the cinnamon rolls and the kids sat in front of the tree staring at the presents waiting for daddy.
Levi finally made it home, and the kids opened up stockings. We then had cinnamon rolls--although the girls didn't each much. Then we opened presents. Kaidyn got her DS that she's been begging for and Jayd got a Barbie the same size as her and Jett got more tools--among other things.
After presents, Levi went to bed and I packed the kids in the car and headed to Pasco to see my Grandma Schaefer. We had a nice visit and Autie Ginny and Uncle Finn were there too, so we got to see them as well.
Next to Eltopia to see my parents--grandpa and grandma on the farm as the kids call them--and have Christmas dinner--marinated tri-tip roasts.
Both my brothers and their girl friends made it, so it was nice to see them. As well as my Stepbrother Donovan, Gram (Karen's mom), Dale and Pat (Karen's brother and his wife) and Max and Christy (their kids). It was good to see everyone.
Of course there were more presents and my kids are officially spoiled. Kaidyn informed me she is addicted to getting presents--we are going to have work on that.

My brother Eric and his girlfriend (fiance) Cheryl with Jett.

My brotherRyan's girlfriend Tiara with Jett (he was a hit).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well he's done it again. Some how Santa snuck into our house and managed to leave the kids' Christmas jammies under the tree while the kids we're playing. The girls got silky nightdresses with monkey faces on them (how appropriate) and pink bathrobes and Jett's were grinch jammies.

Jett's First Haircut

So, we decided Jett needed a haircut--mostly Levi got tired of hearing how cute his little "girl" was at the gym. I was a little nervous taking him somewhere to get his hair cut because he's so squirmy--so we decided to do it ourselves--the same way we cut Levi's hair--with the electric trimmers. However, this time we put an attachment on it so it's not as short. He definitely looks like a boy now, but not a baby anymore--how sad.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anderson Family Christmas

So--the annual Anderson Family Christmas (on my maternal side) was today at my Aunt's house outside of Deer Park. It was great to see all my aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandma. This is pretty much the only time I see that part of the family during the year. I also got to see my cousins baby girl--Vanessa--who was super cute and Jett had a blast playing with. Good times!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Frozen Pipe

So I just went to give the kids a bath and I turned the water on and after it warmed up, it was hot--too hot. So I turned the knob on the tub towards cold, but the water stayed hot--same temp. So I turned it more cold--still hot. I turned it all the way to cold and guess what--the water turned off all together. I guess that means a frozen pipe--I ran around to all other water sources to check for more water not working. But so far everything else is fine, even the bathroom sink--so I now have water dripping in all sinks and tubs.
Oh yeah--did I mention the drain is frozen too. The water won't go down.
Ughhh--and Levi is working, so I don't know what to do--I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow and hope for the best.

***update--12/20/2008--Levi got home this morning and decided he couldn't go to sleep without crawling under the house to try and fix it. He crawled under and discovered that it was warm and there was lots of insulation. Couldn't figure out what was frozen. So he walked around outside and the only thing he could figure is a couple of vents right outside the bathroom we're facing the north wind. So he put something in front of the vents and by this afternoon, the water was thawed--however the drain is still frozen.


So Jett said his first word several months ago and, of course, it was dada. I've been working with him to say momma, but nothing so far other than gibberish and screaming. I know you can teach babies sign language to communicate, so I thought I would try that. I have been working with him on "more" so I would know if he was screaming because he wanted more food or if he was done.
Today, when all of his afternoon snack was done he started screaming, so I went to get him out of his seat. Instead, when I got there, he said something. Levi and I looked each other and both said, "did he just say 'I want more'." That is so what we thought, of course it was more like "I wa mo". I looked at Jett and said "do you want more snack" and that time, as clear as day he said "more". So much for signing--or momma being his next word.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Progam

Today was Kaidyn's Christmas program. I took a half day off from school so I could go since her school doesn't do an evening program--only two during the day. Anyway, it was really cute. The kids always sound "great"and I love how they still sing traditional Christmas songs and remind us of the reason for the season.
Jayd and Jett were a little squirmy and after every song Jayd asked if it was sisters turn. At one point Jayd had to go to the bathroom, so Levi took her. He isn't comfortable taking her into the mens room with him, so he waited outside while she went into the bathroom. When she was done, he decided he needed to go to, so he pointed me out in the gym and sent her on her way to me while he turned around to return to the bathroom. Well, Jayd decided she was done waiting for sister to come sing and she was going to go look for her. So rather than coming to me (which I wasn't aware she was supposed to be doing anyway) as soon as daddy was out of sight she turned around in search of her sister.
Levi returned to the gym and realized Jayd hadn't come to me. As soon as he came over and asked where Jayd was, I looked in the hallway and saw the secretary escorting Jayd into the office. I rushed over there and the poor ladies in the office were trying to figure out what Jayd was saying. They figured out that she was looking for her sister, but couldn't understand the name Jayd was saying. I rescued Jayd and returned to the gym to wait for sister who wasn't much longer.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Picture Day

So, I received a call the other day that my 1/2 of beef was cut and ready to be picked up--meaning I had to drive to Spokane to get it. I decided that since I had to go anyway, I might as well make the trip worthwhile (although a freezer full of beef is definately worthwhile) and I made an appointment to get the kids' pictures taken at Penneys. I was a little nervous because since Levi works this weekend, he wouldn't be going with me, and normally the kids are a handful.
However, today they were AWESOME!! We got them in, photographed, together and individually, and out. No major melt downs or screaming or fighting. It was great--and look how cute my kids are--not to mention how old looking they look.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Dentist!!!--part 2

So, today made for another trip to the dentist and another trip to Wenatchee. Kaidyn was calmer this time, I think because she new what to expect. She drank her drank, got relaxed watching Over the Hedge and cuddling with Momma, and went back to have her work done--no problem. Came out about an hour later with a red face, tear-stained cheeks and her two front teeth missing (I know what she'll be asking for for Christmas). One of her front teeth was beginning to grow behind the other, so the plan had always been to take that one out. When they went to do it, the other one was loose as well, so they took it out, too.
When we got home, I reminded Kaidyn that she needed to put her teeth under her pillow for the tooth fairy, but she informed that the tooth fairy was going to have to wait because tomorrow was her share day at school and she wanted to share her teeth!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pay off!!

So all my years at Royal have finally paid off!!
My first year there a fellow teacher told me about how I could get a loan forgiveness in the amount of $5000 on my Stafford Student Loans for working at a low income school. I checked it out online only to find out I had to stay at the same school for FIVE YEARS!! At the time five years seems so far out. Well, what do you know, last year ended with the end of my five years. So I applied last summer, only to recieve a letter that I was ineligible because they needed more documentation. So I sent more documentation--and I recieved yet another letter saying I was still ineligible, they needed more documentation. So I sent in more of what they asked for.
Yesterday, I recieved another letter from my lender. As I opened all these thoughts went through my head--"My documentation isn't enough--I need to work there longer--What more do they want me to send in?" But this time I was notified that my loans were eligible for forgiveness in the amount of $17,500 (because I teach math in a low income school--and people think math isn't necessary). Yay me!!!!