Friday, February 6, 2009

Schaefer Family

For the first time since Grandma's 80th birthday, the Schaefer Family is all together again for Grandmas Memorial service, the only person missing was my cousin Kenny, but no one is really sure where he is at.
The service was nice, Grandma would have approved.
Anyway--as we do with any event, we take family pictures at the front of the church. It's actually pretty cool to have these pictures, because otherwise I wouldn't have a picture of my entire family, we're not really a picture family. Anyway, the family is getting to big for one big picture, so we had to split it up in individual family pics this time.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Levi and I were watching Mariner Monday--old mariner games replayed--how cool. And they were showing footage from Fanfest--and lo and behold--there was the Johnson Family. It was when we were in line waiting for Don's autograph--we were like right behind the person getting the autograph.
We were watching the FSN Live news after the game on Monday, and Levi was like "that looked like me" so we rewinded it--thanks to DVR and there we were. It was so weird--but kind of cool.