Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top 12 for 2012

It's been a long time since I've updated this blog.  My plan was to start again in 2011--that didn't happen.  Then 2012 came and went and here we are in 2013 and halfway through the month of January at that.  Well, I'm gonna do this!!  I'll start 2013 with a best of 2012.  So without further ado, her it is.
Top 12 of 2012
12.  We (finally) re-tile our fireplace:  When we moved to this house in 2007 I had an idea of several things I wanted to change/fix in this house.  We got the walls all repainted and most of the floors have been re-surfaced.  With my extra time over Christmas break, I decided with the help of my husband and good friends, it was time to give the fireplace a makeover.
BEFORE                                                   AFTER
11. Jayd and Jett started taking Karate: Jett is total boy and likes to pretend fight.  The idea was that Karate will give him the discipline he needs so that when he finally starts kindergarten, we won't get constant calls from the principal.  Jayd decided to join him. 
Jayd is ready to go!                                  Jett kicks it!!!

10.  Kaidyn is a 3 sport athlete and Jayd plays soccer:  Kaidyn has played soccer since kindergarten and she started basketball last year.  This year I finally convinced her to give softball a try.  And guess what?  She liked it--shocking right!!  Jayd also played soccer for the 2nd year.  She definitely was more concerned about how her uniform looked than the game, but I'm sure it'll come.


9.  Levi and I run a half-marathon together:  For the second year in a row, we ran the Oktoberfest Half-Marathon in Leavenworth.  We stayed together for most of it.  And enjoyed a nice refreshing beverage at the end.   
(Sorry no picture)

8. Kaidyn and I run several races together: We ran the Canal Caper 10k, Sage-and-Sun 5 mile, Halloween 5K, Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K and The Jingle Bell Run. I love running with my girl. We have some good bonding conversations on our runs.
7. Kaidyn starts 5th grade and Jayd starts 2nd grade: Yep, their getting older. Kaidyn is now 10, Jayd is 7 and Jett is 5--but not until October, so he has another year until Kindergarten. 

6. Visit my brother Ryan in Salt Lake: We decided to do another road trip this summer and this year it took us through Salt Lake City, so we stopped to see my littlest brother who moved there last spring. Our road trip also took us to Denver, Las Vegas and San Francisco! Over 3500 miles.  

5.  I gain a niece:  My middle little brother and his wife gave birth to their first child in September, a beautiful little girl name Kaylen. 
Jett loves is new little cousin!!

4.  Visit AT&T Park in San Francisco and watch a Giants Game:  Our road trip also took us to San Francisco.  In my quest to visit all 30 MLB baseball parks, we got to see 2 more over the summer. AT&T Park is a beautiful park (#4 of 30) and it was fun watching the World Series this year and the kids could say they had been to that park. 

3.  Visit Coors Field in Denver and watch a Rockies Game:  We also went through Denver on our road trip, and watched a Rockies game (#3 of 30).  Coors Field is  also a beautiful ball park and the beer is relatively cheap :)

2.  Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco: An amazing landmark.  I highly recommend it.  But keep in mind, you need to reserve your tickets 3-4 weeks in advance.  Luckily we did!

1.   Levi and I celebrate 12 years as a happily married couple:  We definitely have had our ups and downs, but somehow we make it work, maybe because we're both too stubborn to do it any other way.  And somehow after all these years (14 in total together) I still love this man, more and more everyday!! Can't wait to see what the next 50 years bring us!! 
Honorable Mention:  There was also so much more, I competed in a triathlon, we visited the King Tut exhibit, we went to several Mariners games as well as a game they played the Yankees, Kaidyn took a field trip to Cama State Park on Camano Island (and I got to chaperon) and much more. 
Well there you have it.  More to come in 2013!!