Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We are FINALLY building our deck! Every time we do a project around here I always intend to take before and after pics, but I always forget. I actually remembered this time. So far I've only got before and during pictures, but we're hoping to have the deck done by Friday, so I will post the final after pictures then!



The project has taken longer than I expected though. It took almost two days just to dig the holes, the boys kept hitting rocks, so some of the holes ended up bigger than needed because by the time they got them deep enough, they also ended up being wider after taking out the rocks. It'll be so nice to be able to go lounge on my deck and read, I can't wait!!

Like Father, Like Son

So Jett is all boy and he loves his daddy! He does everything daddy does and follows him around everywhere. He likes to mimic daddy as well. Today I found Jett a little toy lawn mower, so he went and helped daddy "mow the lawn". Then we started nailing the hangers on the beams for the deck and Jett went and got his hammer so he could help daddy put in the nails and right now as we speak, they are sitting on the couch together watching the Mariners.