Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Way overdue--

So I am way overdue updating this blog. I used to be so good, but not so much anymore.
Anyway--we had a way busy summer. We built a deck, went to Vegas, went camping, hosted birthday parties, went to Silverwood and before we knew it summer was over and it was time to go back to school.
Kaidyn is now in 2nd grade and loves it. She is in the high reading group and also enjoys math. She is also playing soccer right now. Her team--the Wildcats--are fun to watch. Kaidyn has been playing for 3 seasons now and it's amazing to see how much growth she has made. From playing bunchball to actually passing the ball to teammates and playing defense. She's not super aggressive, but I'm sure that'll come with time and experience. She scored her first goal of the season last Saturday, and it was so awesome that I was actually there to see it, the last couple of seasons when she scored a goal for some reason I have missed the games she scored goals in.
Jayd is going to pre-school three days a week for about 2 and 1/2 hours a day. She loves it. She is making lots of friends and is learning lots. Her speech seems to be getting a little clearer too. It's hard to believe she'll be in kindergarten next year.
Jett turned 2 a couple of weeks ago--2!!--so hard to believe my baby is 2. He is now in a big boy bed and we're working on potty training. He is doing so awesome. He loves to sit on the potty and go, he just needs to work on telling us every time, he gets it about half the time. Whoever said potty training girls was easier never had my children. The girls were stubborn and defiant. Jett is totally the opposite--at least in the realm of potty training!!
I started my 7th year at Royal Middle School. I am teaching math again this year in the 7th grade, but I also have a PE class this year--totally love that.
Well that's about it. Hopefully I haven't forgot anything--although I'm sure I have.