Monday, February 1, 2010

Fanfest 2010

Yesterday marked the unofficial start to baseball season with our annual trip to Fanfest at Safeco Field!
We arrived at Safeco Field about 30 minutes before the gates opened in hopes of getting vouchers for a Edgar Martinez of Dan Wilson autograph--along with everyone else. We joined a line that wrapped around the stadium and across the street in front of Safeco Field. Since the Edgar and Dan autograph sessions were limited to 500 people, we did not get a voucher (oh well, maybe next year), but we did for some of the other players, however we didn't feel like standing in line for those so we skipped those autograph sessions.
We had a blast anyway--
The first thing we did was run around the bases. To see Jetts face light up while he was running from base to base was so awesome, it made all the fussing while waiting in line totally worth it.

Next, we went to catch pop-flies in the outfield. When it was my turn Jett was being fussy again, so I picked him up and propped him on my hip as I went to catch my ball, Jayd also decided she wanted to join us and clung to my other leg, just as I made a perfect catch. Those watching were quite impressed with my combination of baseball/mom skills!! The girls and Jett also tried to catch balls and although they were unsuccessful, they still had fun.

Last we went to center field to the "homerun challenge". Basically we hit a ball off the tea over the centerfield wall from about 40-50 feet away. All 3 kids loved it and Levi and I both hit a ball over the wall!! Swinging the bat felt sooooooo good!!

After lunch and a stroll through the Mariners Hall of Fame, we hit the team store and then we were ready to hit the road and head home!!

Can't wait for April 12 when the Mariners open the regular season at home against Oakland and the Big Unit is throwing out the opening pitch!! I'm making my prediction right now that the Mariners will win the west this year--maybe even the World Series!!!